If being asked to be able to list down all of the vitamins and also that of the nutrients that the body really need, then most of the people will miss the Vitamin C. The is due to the fact that the vitamin C is considered to be one of those most talked vitamins; it is also the household name; if ever that there will be such a thing in the world of the vitamins. If being asked what does the Vitamin C is being good for, however, the very common response will be likely that it will be good for the cold. Then the reality is that , the vitamin C can have actually many more good and far reaching benefit to the person who have problem with eh sexual wellness.


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The herb called the Dong Quai is being seen to have a great benefit as the herb which is very essential for the women and this actually has all of the many sexual health and at the same time this can also contribute to the health benefit of the person. It can also be able to help to restore the hormones of the woman and at the same time the cycles and this can also promote the regularity of the menstruation and this one will fight the changes in the hormones that can be related to the PMS, this is the menopause which can be able to cause a very low libido. The herb can also increase the level of the estrogen which is very vital for both of the sexual satisfaction and at the same time the healthy libido of the person. And finally, the herb can also be able to help to balance that of the sugar level of the person, this also improves the blood circulation towards the sex organ of the person and it can also relieve the problem of the woman like the famous dryness of the private part and also the hot flashes. Know more facts about health and wellness, visit



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